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          Protection of personal information

          Qinghu fully respect your privacy, and spared no effort to protect your personal information. Under normal circumstances, you do not need to provide any personal information and you can browse the website of Green Lake. For a specific purpose, if you voluntarily filled way to provide registration or subscription electronic information required for the name, gender, types of travel documents and identification number, date of birth, country, e-mail, telephone, contact address, and zip code, the services provided or preference information, customer code and other similar personal information that you have to understand and accept the use of your personal information, and agree to Green Lake to use your personal information for the specific purposes.

          Qinghu commitment at any time, under any circumstances, will not sell your personal information, Green Lake only within the limits allowed by law to use the information obtained in accordance with the terms and conditions. Green Lake may these departments according to the requirements of the law, government departments to provide some of your personal information; necessary to do so to protect Green Lake, customers or the public may be as small as possible of or reason to believe that the Green Lake range disclose certain personal information when you provide personal information should have been foreseen and agreed this from happening.

          Applicable law and jurisdiction

          By accessing this website and using the facilities provided by the website, and (or) services, you are agreeing to the visit and the implementation and / or services provided by the constraints of the laws of the People's Republic of China, and you agree to be bound by the People's Republic of courtjurisdiction.

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