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          Electronic products
          QingHu’s thermoplastic elastomers offer many excellent services to Manufacturer of electronic product. They give data cable and communication cable with a smooth touch. Thanks to their good flexibility and processability, they are ideal for using as insulation and sheath material of data cable and some injection products. Besides, their UV and low temperature resistance make them suitable for variety of cables. We encourage our customers to find every possibility for applying thermoplastic elastomer, support them for their various kinds of problems during application our products and assist them in making the right decision. Our TPEs meet many kind of standards and relevant requirements, including UL testing certifications.
          * Halogen free,meet international safety standards.
          * Good weather resistance, from -60℃ to 120℃.
          * High mechanical performance
          * Low temperature resistance,  reach to -60℃.
          * Fire resistance, passed FT-2,FT-1,VW-1,Cable flame ,IEC60332-1/2 test.
          * High electrical insulation,volume resistivity above 1014Ω.CM3
          * Smooth touch
          Typical applications:
          * USB cable 
          * HDMI cable 
          * SATA cable 
          * Ultrathin cable
          * Game paddle 
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