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          Industrial applications
          Our TPE are also successfully used in industrial area. These materials have been specifically designed to meet the needs in industrial goods, such as high flow properties, excellent thermal stability and good low temperature and chemical resistance. We also offer flame retardant grades that can be using in extruding and moulding products. These TPEs have good adhesion to PP、ABS、PE、PVC, etc and are widely used in cable industry and its peripheral support. In addition, our thermoplastic elastomers passed Rohs and Reach environmental standards and can thus be used in industrial area for international customer.
          * Smooth touch
          * Easy to colour matching 
          * Good flow proprieties 
          * Excellent UV resistance, meet to UL standard.
          * Good adhesion with other plastic,For example PP、PE、ABS etc.
          * Laser printable
          * Excellent damping properties
          * High electrical insulation, Volume resistivity above 1014Ω.CM3
          Typical applications:
          * Cable accessories
          * Sealing 
          * Power plugs 
          * Gaming outfits
          * Medical equipments
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